2004: Limits to Ignorance: The Challenge of Informed Humanity

10-12 October 2004, Helsinki, Finland

The Annual Conference 2004 of the Club of Rome was held in Helsinki on 10-12 October. The internal meeting of the Club of Rome, held in Suomenlinna on 10 October was followed by a two-day conference entitled “Limits to Ignorance: The Challenge of Informed Humanity”.

Nearly one hundred foreign participants – members of the Club of Rome and representatives of national chapters – from 36 countries and five continents, as well as some eighty Finnish participants representing academic community, business, NGOs and public administration were gathered together to discuss the problems of ignorance in today’s globalised world.

The Theme of the Conference

The volume of information produced has grown enormously in the past few decades. Formerly isolated information today is ever more connected. This globally networked information is ever more easily accessible to a growing number of people world-wide. Yet and in spite of higher standards of education, the world is still beset by the well known challenges, such as environmental risks, a growing gap between the rich and poor, and conflicts between different cultures.

What is needed for changing ignorance and the lack of vision into global responsibility and awareness? How can we motivate the commitment to achieve global change?


The conference is organised in co-operation with The Club of Rome, The Finnish Association for the Club of Rome and Finland Futures Research Centre.

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