All Futures Conferences

What are the Futures Conferences?

Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC) at the University of Turku is one of the largest academic futures studies centres in the world. The solid and multidisciplinary basic research provides excellent foundations for applied and tailor-made research, as well as services for training and development. In addition, the FFRC continually develops the scientific foundation and methods of futures studies.

Each year, the FFRC organises its annual conference, an invaluable opportunity for meeting, exchanging and debating current topics related in futures studies and foresight. With approximately 200–350 individual participants attending from all over the world, international researchers, organisational delegates, business people and students convene to the FFRC annual conferences in the spirit of futures-oriented information, research, analysis and collaboration.

Conferences are held in the three Finnish cities where the FFRC units are located: Turku, Tampere and Helsinki. The activities of the annual conference include keynote speeches and panels in plenary sessions as well as papers presented in parallel sessions. Researchers are invited to submit papers for presentation at the annual conferences. It is hoped that papers presented represent a broad spectrum of futures studies and current topic related each year.

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List of all the Futures Conferences and links to the web sites:

2024: Futures of Natural Resources, 4 June & 13–14 June 2024 in Turku, Finland & online

2023: Empowering Futures – Long-term Governance, Democracy and Futures Research, 14–16 June, Turku & online

2022: Planetary Futures of Health and Wellbeing, 15–17 June 2022, Turku & hybrid

2021: Learning Futures – Futures of Learning, 8–9 June 2021, online

2020: Pre-Event for the 2021 Conference: Futures Skills in a Volatile World, 11 June 2020 (webinar)

2019: Constructing Social Futures – Sustainability, Responsibility and Power. 12–13 June 2019, Turku

2018: Energizing Futures – Sustainable Development and Energy in Transition. 13–14 June 2018, Tampere

2017: Futures of a Complex World. 12–13 June 2017, Turku

2015: Futures Studies Tackling Wicked Problems: Where Futures Research, Education and Action Meet. 11–12 June 2015, Turku

2014: Sustainable Futures in Changing Climate, 11–12 June 2014, Helsinki

2013: Futures for Food. 6–7 June 2013, Turku

2012: To be Young! Youth and the Future. 6–8 June 2012, Turku

2011: Trends and Future of Sustainable Development. 9–10 June 2011, Tampere

2010: Security in Futures – Security in Change. 3–4 June 2010, Turku

2009: Grasping the Future 2009. 20 October 2009, Helsinki

2009: Future of the Consumer Society. 28–29 May 2009, Tampere

2008: Grasping the Future – a Challenge for Learning and Innovation. 1-3 October 2008, Helsinki

2007: Culture as Innovation – the Search for Creative Power in Economies and Societies. 6–8 June 2007, Turku

2006: Changing Foresight Practices in Regional Development – Global Pressures and Regional Possibilities. 7–9 June 2006, Turku

2005: Foresight Management in Corporations and Public Organisations – New Visions for Sustainability. 9–10 June 2005, Helsinki

2004: Limits to Ignorance: The Challenge of Informed Humanity. Annual Conference for the Club of Rome was organised together with the Centre, the Finnish Association for the Club of Rome and the Finnish Society for Futures Studies, 11–12 October 2004, Helsinki

2004: Towards sustainable futures – Tools and strategies. Tampere

2003: Scanning for the Future, Turku

2002: Vision Week, Turku

2001: Seminar on Scenario Building, Turku

2000: Futures Studio, Turku

2000: The Quest for the Futures, Turku

1999: Life Beyond the Information Society, Turku