2005: Foresight Management in Corporations and Public Organisations

9-10 June 2005, Helsinki, Finland

In the fast changing society it is ever more essential to anticipate various tendencies, possibilities and threats for the future. Furthermore, as we proceed with our analysis and insight, we should be able to find the right measures that may lead us towards right direction. If we fail to harness our organisations to foresee and innovate, if we fail to treat and understand our organisation as a living organism that has to be in the constant state of renewal, we shall certainly lose our battle to grow in our competences.

The target audience of this international conference included experts both from corporations, public sector and research organisations. With the help of highly distinguished international and national speakers, our purpose was to create a base for more intense cooperation between researchers and corporations. We wanted to extend our invitation both to researchers working with foresight and sustainability issues and corporate executives, authorities, development managers, environmental managers and others interested in the subject.