2006: Changing Foresight Practices in Regional Development – Global Pressures and Regional Possibilities

7-9 June 2006, Turku, Finland

The 8th International Conference organised by Finland Futures Research Centre and Finland Futures Academy in collaboration with Economic Geography, Pan-European Institute and Pori Unit was held in Turku at 7-9 June, 2006 in Turku School of Economics.

The conference brought together people both from public sector, research organisations and corporations.The idea was to meet, share and discuss new ideas concerning regional development and globalisation. The aim was to generate multidisciplinary and productive discussions from different scientific and institutional backgrounds.

There were about 180 participants from 24 different countries gathered together to discuss about the future of regional development. There were seven keynote speakers and 43 presentators in twelwe workshops and seven poster presentations. Themes of the conference were:

  • Innovation systems in the creative economy
  • Strategies for the globalising economy
  • Practical applications (case studies)
  • Theories of foresight and regional development
  • Foresight methods in regional development
  • The future of regional and global governance
  • The changing roles and impacts of companies, universities and public actors in regional development

Conference publications:

  • Futura 2/2007 Published by the Finnish Society for Futures Studies.
    Special issue on “Changing Foresight Practices in Regional Development – Global Pressures and Regional Possibilities”. Guest editors: Juha Kaskinen & Riikka Saarimaa. More information and orders via email toimisto@futurasociety.fi.
  • International Journal of Geography, published by the Geographical Society of Finland. Fennia 2006 184:1. Special issue on “Foresight and Innovation in Regional Development”. Guest editors: Juha Kaskinen & Riikka Saarimaa.

Other materials: